Yes, I do. .79 will be enough to mail (6) six 20 strike size match covers. Or 3 of any larger size including Contour/Jewelites and 30 or 40 Strike size. And it will go up a little for more. You can add items to the cart, and fill out the address form, then the next page should show you where you are on shipping. Please feel free to contact me if there is a problem and I'll try to fix it.
I mail in protective thick paper but thin enough to get through the post office sorting machines at .49.
I will ship as soon as I know there is an order and of course, when payment is received and processed. If you order something and I don't respond, please send me a message. I will never intentionally ignore an order or a question.
I don't have my store set up to ship internationally. But I can change that for someone who is outside of the USA and is interested in any of my items. Send me a message and we can communicate about it.